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Kings of leon sex on fire аккорды

General Comment No comments yet!? This song is what makes me sure this album will be a contender for Best of Why is there a chicken in the music video? Great song i absolutely love it.

Never really listen to the kings before but i think that this has attracted a lot of people like me. Flag skybluesam1 on May 22, Flagged chinkswifey on June 15, Song Meaning I personaly dont think that this wonderful and great song is about sex.

I think its about rehabing from drug abuse.

If you look at the video, the vocalist Caleb Followill is twisting and turning in a bed while beeing sweaty and disorientated, букмекер качестве almost has a panic expression on his face. All of this is very simular to the "hotel room rehab method" All the way through the video is a struggle for Caleb. The other members in the band are holding him down in his bed, meening that they are there to help him through his rehabilitation.

All through out the video there are small hints of things that you cannot do while beeing in that perticular situation. Things like, eating, not sleeping, passing out, praying, beeing paroniod etc. Even the title of the song gives it away alittle.

Sex on Fire, wich could very well be about the so called "drugfever" that you go through while rehabilitating. At the timelaps Your thoughts and feelings about what you think the video is about and means to you is very important. So if you dont agree with me, tell me what you think its about! I would love to hear what you think!! KOL 4 Ever! Select the capo position. For piano, this represents the virtual transpose key. This does not change the sound but makes playing easier. Horizontal lines represents the difficulty of the chord progression for the selected instrument.

After you click PRINT button, a pop-up will be displayed be sure not to block pop-ups with your browser. Just right-click and print that pop-up. Kings Of Leon - Sex on Fire chords. Artists a.

Kings Of Leon:Sex On Fire Lyrics

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Kings Of Leon - Sex on Fire (Official Music Video)

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Megan Washington]. Kings of leon sex on fire barry jay remix. LIVE at Privilege.